This Latch smart door lock wants to allay your worries about losing your keys for good.

Replacing your house key with an app on your phone sounds too good to be true, but thanks to smart door lock Latch, it’s about to become a very real possibility.

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Latch wants to replace the hassle of keys and fobs with its futuristic ability to unlock itself when you’re near it with the Latch phone app in tow. Forget about having to dig around in the hard-to-reach depths of your handbag or coat pocket anymore. From now, you’re going to breeze confidently into your flat or apartment like you own the place. Even if you don’t.

Of course, there’s always the possibility you might lose or forget your phone, but that’s all covered. Latch’s main method of entry is by tapping a passcode into its keypad, and there is a physical key for back up in case you do happen to draw a complete blank.

Latch’s other tricks include the ability to dish out temporary passcodes for guests to enter at their leisure. This comes in handy if you’ve go a dog walker or a cleaner you need to let in at a specific time. What’s more, Latch also has a tiny hidden camera that automatically snaps a doorstep mug shot of anyone who goes in and out of the door, which is useful if you want to make sure Fido got his 10am walk, or if the cleaner did a full half-hour sweep.

Unfortunately, Latch is currently only available to real-estate companies cracking down on tenant security and key management. It’s a perk that only luxury apartment occupants are privy to for the minute, but it’s highly possibly it’ll roll out to us mortals in the future, complete with integration with other smart home products. Read more about Latch here.