High five it, wave at it, or if it’s been one of those days, give it the finger. Either way, the NFC Ring will lock and unlock your front door with a quick hand gesture, and not a key or mobile phone app in sight.

Updated: the NFC Ring is now available to buy on its website, shipping now, starting at £15.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which means that this little tech-packed ring can transfer data wirelessly over short distances. You can unlock your NFC enabled phone without even touching the screen, or even unlock your car, and it’s as simple as just having your hand in the right place.

The magic of the NFC Ring is two integrated NFC ‘tags’, each with a tiny transmitter – one for public information, and one for private data. As well as being a master of the keys, you can also use the NFC ring to share snippets of information like Wi-Fi passwords, links to websites, photos, and contact details with your friends’ devices.

So you customise how the NFC Ring works, it comes with a bundled NFC phone application, but the ring is open source, so you can choose to customise your own application to control it.

The NFC Ring has already been in circulation on fingers around the world for a while, but the 2016 version on the cusp of launching has a bigger, better memory of 1K, which is five times that of its predecessor, and should be more than enough for the type of contact details you’ll probably be storing on it. It also works more effectively with a wider range of devices. It’s waterproof, scratch-resistant, and doesn’t ever need charging because it has no battery.

What’s more, it’s actually an attractive wearable, with all the tech concealed inside so its true function is a well-kept secret – until you feel like showing off some of its wizardry to your friends to shock, confuse, and impress them all at once.

Its makers say the 2016 model will cost between $30 (£19) and $600 (£395), and it will come in most standard ring sizes. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to learn more or make a donation.