You just became an expert at growing mini veg...

Fancy growing chillies or cherry tomatoes, but can’t be bothered with all the effort involved? Véritable lets you grow all kinds of tasty treats without you needing to put on a pair of gardening gloves, pick up a watering can, or even know the first thing about gardening.

With a built-in reservoir of water for automatic irrigation and height-adjustable LED lights that follow a day and night cycle, Véritable mimics the sunny outdoors and provides all of the nutrients your greens need to flourish in your home.

Veritable Indoor GardenYou can grow up to four varieties of plants at once by putting your choice of Véritable Lingots into the garden’s floor slots. Lingots are blocks packed with organic fertiliser and soil, customised to take special care of whatever seeds are inside.

When your Lingots are in, you simply need to fill up Véritable’s reservoir with water, which can keep your plants’ thirst quenched for around three weeks. It’ll do this without you even noticing, quietly releasing water into the soil around the clock. And when it’s time to fill up again, the reservoir will light up blue to remind you.

Veritable Indoor Garden LingotAlthough Véritable manages 95 per cent of the miniature plant’s life all by itself, there’s a free smartphone app with tips on when to harvest, how to manage plant growth and what part of your plants you can eat. There are heaps of recipe ideas too.

Véritable’s range of Lingots includes popular plants like Thyme, Lemon Basil, mini lettuce and other more obscure varieties like Lemon Verbena and Zucchini flowers. When you’ve picked what delights you want to grow next, you can order a Lingot pack right from the app.

You can pre-order Véritable here for €134.10 (around £115).