The VRGO chair is an egg-shaped controller for your virtual reality world that responds to the movement of your body.

Using a gyroscope, accelerometer and pressure sensors to read every twist and tilt of your body, the VRGO chair acts as a movement controller to make you run, walk, turn, and interact with your game.

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No hand-held controller, no awkward neck twisting, and no treading on the cat when you’re trying to kill baddies in infernal war zones anymore. Just plonk yourself on the VRGO chair, connect it wirelessly to a PC or Mac with a VR headset attached, and leave it to your trusty derrière to navigate you smoothly through your VR world.

Tilt forward, and you’ll move along a corridor. Tilt even further, and you’ll go faster. Spinning gently on the chair will change your direction, and leaning left or right will let you strafe. For non-gamers, that means shimmying to the side rather than moving forwards or backwards.

The chair itself is designed to be like a giant toy Weeble, weighted at the bottom to keep the centre of gravity low for stability. This should prevent accidental toppling – both in and out of the VR world. In fact, VRGO’s makers claim it has the posture-enhancing effects of an exercise ball, so you should feel extra comfy and balanced when you’re sitting on it.

It’s made from aircraft grade materials, so it’s not only sturdy, but lightweight, meaning it’s easy to store and put away. And there’s even a little compartment in the base to stow away your VR gizmos when you’re not using them.

The VRGO chair will give you five hours of uninterrupted play before needing a juice up with a micro USB cable.

You can pre-order one from its Kickstarter campaign for £200 for delivery in May 2016. Just in time for the launch of the Oculus Rift and co, then.


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