Walli is a smart wallet that connects to an app on your phone to let you track its contents 24/7.

Never leave your wallet behind again with the Walli smart wallet that notifies your phone if you ever part from it or its contents.

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It’s the most dreaded moment for all modern-day men. You conduct the habitual three pocket pat test. Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Wallet? Dear god, no…

But thanks to Walli, your wallet will always stay snug in your pocket with all of your cards safely tucked inside. Walli links to an iOS and Android-compatible app via Bluetooth, and sends you a notification if you ever stray too far from it.

With mystery card-sensing “SecurePockets”, Walli also keeps close tabs on what’s inside. In the free iOS and Android Wall app, you can view a virtual diagram of the wallet’s interior pockets, giving you a real-time view of where all your cards are located.

Over time, Walli will even learn which pocket you use the most to store your cards, and send you a notification when there’s unusually low activity in that pocket. That well-thumbed bank card you can’t live without? Well, you’ll never have to. Walli won’t let it out of its sight without sending your phone an urgent buzz.

If you want, you can even set your own customised timer to send a notification when certain pockets have been empty for longer than you’re comfortable with.

It doesn’t just work for bank cards and driving licenses either. Walli has space for tickets, boarding passes, and passports, so it’ll keep a vigilant eye on all of your important paperwork when you’re at the airport, or on your way to the match or a gig.

As an extra favour, Walli will also help you find your phone if it wanders astray. Just double-tap the wallet to make your phone ring. All you have to do now is grab yourself a smart key tracker and you’ve got the three pocket pat test well and truly nailed.

You can pre-order Walli for $79 (£52) from its crowdfunding page. It comes in navy or black in genuine leather, with a replaceable coin cell battery, along with a spare that you’ll need to pop in after six months. Shipping is set for February 2016.


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