From selfie-taking fridges, to doorbells that let us talk to the postman from the other side of the world, we’ve seen some weird and wonderful smart home appliances that are enough to make even the most devout technophobe’s jaw drop in awe.

If you’re considering a smart home makeover, you might actually be a little overwhelmed by the variety and amount of gadgets and gizmos out there that all promise to make your life better in different ways. Never fear, though, because we’ve travelled to every obscure hidden corner of the great Internet of Things to bring you this list of the best smart home appliances for all of your needs.

August LockBest Smart Lock: August

August is endorsing the keyless life by reminding you that you’ll never have to give out a key again – or ask for it back. That crazy ex-housemate who still has a key and occasionally likes to turn up drunk and sleep on your sofa? History.

With the smartphone app, you can give or take away virtual keys for the various visitors in your life. It also senses when you’re near and automatically unlocks your door before you’ve placed a foot on your doorstep.

You can still use your old door key to get in, but in August’s words, you just don’t have to.

August is $249.99 (£162).

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Panasonic Hub

Best Smart Home Hub: Panasonic Smart Home

When connected with other smart devices like cameras, sensors and plugs, Panasonic Smart Home enables you to monitor and control them whether you’re home or away.

Unlike most connected security systems, the hub uses DECT ULE technology, rather than the usual Wi-Fi, which Panasonic says will help keep your images safe from potential privacy attacks. It also means connecting multiple units can be done at the push of a button without the need for your Wi-Fi password.

The hub has a built-in motion sensor, which will send an alert to your phone if you’re out of the house and want to make sure the kids got home from school safe.

The complete range includes outdoor camera with built-in night-vision, customisable indoor camera plus door and window sensors with a range of up to 300m from the hub.

There are currently three packages available from Panasonic’s eShop, starting at £129.99 for the Home Safety Starter Kit with window sensor and motion detector.

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Best Smart Baby Feeder: Diluo

In less than 20 seconds, Diluo prepares your little one’s meal to the perfect consistency and temperature. With a quick tap of the app on your smartphone, you can have lump-free, bacteria-clear, nutrient-packed formula at your baby’s lips without the fuss and night-time fumbling that normally comes with feeding time.

As well as being able to turn Diluo on from the app at your convenience, you can set up a 24-hour feeding schedule so that Diluo will automatically spring into action when required. It can store enough water and powder for up to 12 portions, so you don’t have to constantly fill up the machine. When it does eventually need a top up, the app will let you know.


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Diluo has been tested with all UK formula brands, so it’s a professional mixologist when it comes to getting the right balance of powder and water. It heats up the formula to 70 degrees, before cooling it to the perfect temperature.

For a quick snack, Diluo will prepare a half portion of formula in just 10 seconds. It’s also compatible with your baby’s favourite bottle, and even cleans itself to save you the hassle.

Diluo is £300.

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LG Selfie Fridge



Best Smart Fridge: LG RF874SBSS Fridge (aka Selfie Fridge)

Not content with smartening up our appliances with the LG SmartThinQ Sensor, LG has gone and made a fridge that can take a selfie. We’ll call it the Selfie Fridge.

The Selfie Fridge connects to the LG HomeChat smartphone app, and sends you a picture of its contents every time you close the door. In the Dairy aisle and can’t remember if you’ve got milk? Check your last fridge selfie. Or open the app, text “Smart View,” and your fridge will send a new selfie.

It’s also got a touchscreen interface that can also display the pictures, so you don’t have to open the fridge to see what’s in it. You can use the HomeChat app to control variables like temperature remotely.

No word on a price yet, but check for its launch

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Samsung Oven

Best Smart Oven: Samsung NV9900J

This Wi-Fi connected oven lets you monitor and control your oven using an app on your smartphone. The app, compatible with both Android and iOS, lets you adjust oven settings, get notifications about the status of your food, and download recipes from Michelin chefs.

You can also choose from delicious pre-set recipes within the app, and enjoy step-by-step instructions via the LCD control panel on the oven, including the right setting for optimal results.

The oven operates using gourmet vapour technology, meaning it surrounds your food with vapour to spread heat and moisture evenly and quickly, resulting in food that’s crispy on the outside, and tender and juicy on the inside.

There’s also a temperature control feature that maintains an incredibly precise temperature, so that your meals are always cooked to perfection every time.

The Samsung NV9900J is £1,200. Buy yours here.


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