No more trawling through pages of the same product to find the best deal with this handy Chrome extension.

A new Google Chrome extension is on a mission to put a smile on your face at the checkout with its bargain-hunting skills on Amazon.

No more scrolling through endless pages of the same DVD box set, scrutinising postage and packaging prices, and kicking yourself ten minutes after placing an order when Amazon’s algorithms recommend the same product you just bought, except for £5 cheaper…Wikibuy finds the lowest prices from other sellers as you shop.

When Wikibuy’s pop-up bubble shows you a better deal from another seller, you can click to buy it in seconds using Wikibuy’s express checkout. What’s great is that Wikibuy’s service doesn’t stop once your order is placed. If there are any problems with the seller it recommended, Wikibuy will make sure you’re taken care of – even going as far as reimbursing you 100% in the event that the seller doesn’t deliver your product.

You can go here to add Wikibuy to Google Chrome with a single click. Once it’s installed, Wikibuy’s logo will sit on your Google Chrome toolbar to let you know it’s ready to roll. You don’t have to do anything once it’s there; it will automatically fire up the second you start browsing Amazon and give you a friendly nudge every time it finds a better deal.

The sad news is that Wikibuy is currently only available in the US, with no word on whether it will be UK-ready any time soon.