Narrative is a leather jacket that sneakily takes Instagram-esque snaps of your daily life to save you the hassle of whipping your phone out during every meal.

The brainchild of and Coca-Cola’s recycling-focused brand, Ekocycle, the Narrative jacket has a clip camera built into the left-hand breast that automatically takes pictures of your daily adventures, so you don’t have to.

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That’s two pictures a minute, to be precise, which is a whopping 120 photos per hour. It’ll carry on snapping all day long until it reaches its maximum capacity of 8,000 pictures. At which point, you can sift through and choose which pictures you want to share via a companion app. That’s going to be one hell of a slideshow of a plate of spag bol to watch at bedtime.

Reservations aside about the amount of time people spend documenting their every waking minute on social media these days, the Narrative jacket is actually a pretty good reason to tear ourselves away from our beloved mobile devices and appreciate the moment for a change.

Don’t get us wrong. There’s no denying it’s kind of creepy. It’s all fun and games until you mistakenly walk in on your best friend’s mum in the shower and accidentally hit the upload button. But if you use it wisely, the Narrative jacket could actually revolutionise the way you go about recording and sharing your life.

And besides, it’s a drop-dead-gorgeous jacket. It’s designed by emerging menswear brand Ada + Nik, made of a hybrid of Italian lamb napp leather and a herringbone pattern, with zipped pockets and press stud detail. It’s also unisex, without looking unisex. And, because this is an ethical brand, the Narrative jacket is made from recycled PET (15 plastic bottles).

You can grab one now for £800 from Harrods.


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