Get a handy reminder of what's already in your fridge when you're at the shops with this connected fridge camera.

British company Smarter has revealed its plans to launch a brand new Smart Fridge Camera at CES 2016, and it spells the end of money wasted on ingredients you’ve already got in the fridge.

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With a WiFi connection to link it to an app on your phone, the Smart Fridge Camera snaps a picture of the contents of your fridge even time you open the door and automatically sends it to the app.

This means that when you’re at the supermarket about to buy another pint of milk or a head of garlic for your Spag Bol, you can check the most recent of the cam’s fridge selfies to make sure you’re not already stocked up.

The camera is set to cost in the region of £70, which should more than pay for itself with all the money you’ll be saving on wasted food. Plus, for anyone who’s got a small fridge, it’s perfect for making sure what’s in your basket is actually going to fit inside. Anyone who’s ever over-bought lettuce will know what we’re talking about. Disastrous.

The camera itself has a suction mount to secure it to your fridge. We’re not sure whether it’ll have to ability to take a selfie on demand, like it’s big brother, the Selfie Fridge, and it’s also unclear just how much of a food panorama it’ll be able to take of the entirety of your fridge contents with its lens. All will be revealed soon though, and you can check in at to see when the camera launches.


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