This one-tap wonder will dim your lights, hail an Uber and check you're up to speed with your Fitbit goals.

You might have heard of an app called Wink that lets you control all manner of connected home gadgets from the comfort of your smartphone screen. You might not know, however, that the luxury of Wink can be at your service on the wall as well as in your pocket.

It’s called the Wink Relay controller, and it’s a smartphone-sized touchscreen that you fix in place of your standard light switch. This is because one of Wink’s main tricks is dimming your lights and switching them on and off remotely, as well as acting as a command centre at the heart of your home.

The kind of tricks Wink can pull include triggering gadgets like cameras, thermostats other smart devices, and even dabbling in some smart home recipe-mixing via IFTTT. In case you’re not onboard with IFTTT just yet – it’s a simple, fuss-free app that lets you make pairs or groups of gadgets work in sequence with each other.

Wink appFor instance, you might have your smart door lock trigger your porch lights, or your door’s motion sensors trigger your security camera – that kind of thing. It’s all now possible via Wink Relay, and all of the smart buttons and sequences you create with the controller will also sync with the app on your phone to make it easy to transition between the two screens.

As well as keeping your band of gadgets in check, Wink has a few bonus services for connectivity fun. It can connect to your Fitbit to let you access all kinds of stats via the screen, and will even call a ride for you. If you’re the proud owner of the Amazon Echo, you can even ask its AI assistant Alexa to perform Wink’s chores.

You can buy Wink Relay here for $99.99 (around £75).