Tell your lights to dim for movie night with this beautiful Nanoleaf connected lightbulbs kit.

Imagine if you could tell your lightbulbs to transform your entire home into an ambient zone of zen just by saying the word. Well, daydream no more, because that’s exactly what with Nanoleaf’s new Smarter Kit makes possible.

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The Smarter Kit, complete with a futuristic dodecahedron-inspired smart hub and two beautiful 3D printed Nanoleaf Ivy lightbulbs, gives you full control over your home’s lighting scene using Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

The  hub, which uses the Zigbee protocol (an Internet of Things alternative to Bluetooth and Wifi), works by taking instructions from your phone and passing them onto your connected lightbulbs. With simple voice commands, it only takes a split second to make the lights in any room dim, glow brighter, or form a custom “scene” to set the perfect mood. Scenes are when you program a series of lights in your house to switch to a specific setting all at once.

Want all of the living room lights down low for a film? A simple, “Netflix and chill” should do the trick. How about first thing in the morning when you need a pick-me-up? Say, “Wake me up” and the lights in your bedroom will spring to life. The names of scenes are customisable, so you can use your own favourite terms to make the system more personal to you. “Snuggle time”, for example, might be more up your street…

Controlling individual bulbs is just as fun. The LED lights packed in a Nanoleaf lighbulb can be dimmed and brightened by specific percentages, and Siri understands commands like “Dim the kitchen lights to 50 percent”. The bulbs can go as low as 1 percent, and are as bright as a 60W incandescent lightbulb when they’re full force.

What’s more, they’re supremely energy efficient. Nanoleaf says that with normal usage at home, the lightbulbs can shine on for 30 years. That’s enough for your lampshade to go out of fashion and come back in again.

If you don’t want to use Siri all the time, you can also use the Nanoleaf app to control all of the same functionality. Plus, there are a few hidden tricks that you might enjoy playing with, like double-clicking your light switch to dim the lights.

Because of the clever Zigbee IoT magic, you don’t even have to be in the same room as the bulbs you want to communicate with. The smart hub lets you talk to up to 50 bulbs within a 50-metre radius, which should cover the average house.

Buy the Nanoleaf Smarter Kit for $99 (£70) from


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