Just don't blame us when you're too comfy to get out of bed.

Ever wondered what a smart pillow would do? Probably not. But with smart beds, mattresses and sleep gadgets galore storming the sleep market, it was only a matter of time before someone out there got curious.

And thank goodness they did, because the result is Zeeq – a smart pillow that sounds like smart tech sent from heaven. Let’s cut to the chase and see what this squishy rectangle of joy can do…

It stops you snoringZeeq sleeping

That’s right. Bid farewell to sleepless nights, because Zeeq’s hidden microphone is so sensitive it can determine how loudly you’re snoring to the exact decibel. When it detects an offending snort, its vibration motors will gently vibrate to encourage you to change position. Beats your partner punching you in the arm, right?

It plays you lullabiesZeeq sleeping 2

With 8 precision placed Bluetooth speakers under its soft veneer, Zeeq can beam tunes straight from Spotify or iTunes on your phone to sing you to sleep. The wonderful thing about Zeeq’s strategically positioned sound system is that you can hear it perfectly, but the person next to you will be none the wiser.

It wakes you up in the nicest possible wayZeeq alarm

In an ideal world, we’d all wake up every day to a bedroom drenched in warm sunshine, birds singing sweetly outside our windows and a bunch of adorable puppies gently nuzzling our necks. But it’s a cruel world, and the reality of mornings is grim.

Not with Zeeq, though. Zeeq has a vibration alarm to wake you up ever so gently. You can set the alarm time before you go to bed in Zeeq’s companion phone app. What’s more, Zeeq’s embedded 3-axis gyroscope will analyse your motion to determine whether you need to wake up a little earlier in a different sleep cycle.

It learns what helps you sleepZeeq app screenshots

Zeeq’s crowning glory is probably its ability to actually learn what helps you nod off. That hidden gyroscope that helps you wake up is also there to closely track and monitor your every move during the night. It will then pass your sleep data to the app to give you insights into your night’s sleep.

You can take that sleep analysis to the next level by inputting factors like your diet, exercise and other habits into the app, which helps Zeeq pinpoint which parts of your lifestyle have a direct impact on your sleep.

Zeeq also knows that your snoring is an important indicator of how well you’re sleeping, so it provides a Snore Score every morning to help you monitor those ungodly nocturnal rumblings.

It’s oh-so comfyZeeq

Despite being laden with some seriously smart tech, Zeeq is actually a supremely comfortable pillow. It’s made from supportive memory foam that does wonders for your neck, and lined in a durable Tencell pillow case – a botanic fibre that will keep your head at the perfect level of cool.

Where can you get it?

After taking Kickstarter by storm ny smashing its funding goal on its first day, Zeeq is up for pre-order right now. The current lowest price early bird bundle sits at $129 (£97), and shipping is set for December this year.