Ditch your boring to do list and grab this dinky desktop tracker.

If you find managing your time about as exciting as organising your sock drawer, you might be interested in this neat little Zei gadget currently raking in bags of funding over on Kickstarter.

Shaped like a polygon with 8 blank sides, Zei is designed to let you track and manage tasks in 3D on your desktop. Simply doodle a task or project on each side of Zei, tell the Zei app what you’ve written on it, and pop the gadget somewhere within reach with your current task facing up. When you start another task, just flip it over and Zei will register that your old task is over.

zei-time-tracker-demoZei tracks your activities by the seconds and syncs all of your activity with the app, which is available either on your phone or on your desktop. If you don’t fancy ditching your current list-making, time-tracking app, you might be in luck. Zei pairs with top apps like Timely, Apple Calendar, Wunderlist and Todoist.

zei-time-tracker-cafeWant to start afresh with a new set of tasks? Just wipe off the old tasks and write on some new ones. You can even pop on sticky notes, or use the little icon stickers that come bundled in with Zei. And if you’re not a fan of Zei’s polygon shape, you can even grab a Zei Maker Kit which lets you put all of Zei’s clever tracking tech inside a shape or object of your choice.

You can grab Zei from Kickstarter for just €69 (around £60), or pick up the Maker Kit for just €39 (around £34). Worldwide shipping is set for March 2017.