It's a WiFi-equipped haven for when storms, fireworks and other things that go bang get too much for your dog.


If you’re a dog owner, you’ll know that dogs are fun-loving bundles of joy who relentlessly love everything about life – apart from one thing. Loud noise. And there’s nothing worse than seeing your beloved pooch reduced to a trembling wreck during a storm, on fireworks night, or whenever there’s unfamiliar noise outside.

That’s what motivated dog-loving Florida-based duo Jonathan Azevedo and Chris Lightcap to make Zencrate – a smart hideaway for anxious dogs. Packed with proximity sensors, anti-vibration feet, WiFi and the perfect canine playlist, Zencrate is designed to be a quiet, tranquil place for your dog to chill when things outside get too much.

Zencrate smart dog shelter 2Zencrate works by using its sensors to detect when your dog climbs inside. As soon as your pooch hits the orthopaedic memory foam pad, Zencrate’s  fan kicks in to give your dog a gently cooling breeze, while a playlist kicks in through the built-in speakers using tunes that anxiety research suggests have a calming effect on dogs.

Music and temperature control aren’t Zencrate’s only tools to distract your dog from its fears, though. The create is also kitted out with vibration-dampening feet, which are specially designed to counter the unsettling vibrations from thunderstorms – specifically vibrations between 20 and 100Hz in frequency.

And finally, for pet owners who have to leave their pooch home alone sometimes during bad weather, Zencrate will automatically text you as soon as you dog hits the pillow, giving you reassurance that he’s riding out the storm somewhere peaceful.

Zencrate smart dog shelter 3What’s particularly clever is that Zencrate will continue to work during power outages, so there’s no chance of your dog losing their only place of sanctuary when a storm tears down a power line.

If you’re worried about your dog nestling underneath so much tech, you needn’t. All of Zencrate’s sensors and wiring operate from a safe voltage, and its makers promise there are no harmful electrical emission that could harm dogs.

Zencreate is currently plugging away on Kickstarter, and it looks set to hit its funding goal in October. If you want to jump in line for an early bird Zencrate, the lowest price deal is currently $399 (around £300). It fits most dogs up to 90 lbs or labrador-size.