A little set top box camera that lets you control games with gestures, Zkoo looks like loads of fun.

Zkoo turns gesture gaming from a gimmick into something pretty wonderful, letting your movements take the place of touchscreen control.

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It’s a little camera in a box that sits on your TV, taking over the controls that might normally be handled with a mouse or a touchscreen. It’ll monitor your moves from up to 10 feet away, turning your hand into the cursor.

This doesn’t explain it all of course. How do you simulate mouse clicks or screen taps? Zkoo does this using its own little language of gestures. For example, you might close your fist to ‘tap’ on something.

The best bit is that it doesn’t require any special games or special hardware beyond the little camera box itself. It’ll work with any Windows PC running Windows 7 or newer, and also plays ball with plenty of Android devices including tablets like the Nexus 9 and Nvidia Shield Tablet.

You just have to plug the Zkoo in and you’ll be away, Candy Crushing it in mid-air.

Wondering how the Zkoo sticks on your TV when most TVs are only a few centimetres thick these days? It uses a clamp system. You don’t need to downgrade to a chunky old CRT.

Currently out for funding on Kickstarter, most of the early Zkoo deals have been snapped up already. However, you can still get involved for a reasonable $99/£67.


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