A 360 degree rotating security camera for your home that sweeps the room at the first sign of trouble.

Want to banish those blind spots in your home security system? Pick up this swivelling Zmodo Pivot cam to make sure you never miss a trick.

Unlike most smart home security cameras on the market, Zmodo Pivot can pull off a full 360 degree spin while it perches on your coffee table or window ledge. With motion sensors for detecting the slightest movement in your home and a HD colour video camera, Zmodo Pivot instantly sweep the room when it detects something afoot, and alerts you with a live video feed in the app on your phone wherever you are.

If you need to get involved remotely, you can always make use of Zmodo Pivot’s 2-way audio, which lets you hear – and be heard – when there’s someone in your home doing something they shouldn’t. Obviously, this doesn’t just mean warding off burglars. Sometimes, the kids – or the dog – just need to be told to stop jumping on the sofa when you’re out of the house.

Zmodo Pivot on bookshelf

Its HD video camera throws in night vision for round-the-clock protection.

It doesn’t just have to work when Zmodo Pivot catches some action, though. You can also go into the app on your phone and manually rotate the camera if you want to quickly check up on things at any time. That’s going to give you great peace of mind when you’re away from home and worrying that everything is locked up and secure.

You can record all of Zmodo Pivot’s footage to the device’s own 16GB internal memory, or the cloud, if you want to keep it and watch it again for whatever reason – be it an amusing memory or actual evidence of a break-in. The camera has night vision up to 32 feet, so you’ll be able to catch nocturnal antics just as easily as in the daytime.

Zmodo Greet

Zmodo is a hub for other smart home devices like Zmodo’s Greet video doorbell.

As well as casting a beady eye over your home, Zmodo Pivot is also a hub for smart devices like doorbells, door and window sensors, smart lighting and air sensors. Zmodo has its own range of gadgets available to pick up to make the smart home trickery possible.

Zmodo Pivot also has a couple of extra smart features of its own, packing temperature and humidity sensors to give you a picture of your home’s overall health from within the app. When it’s not spying and keeping a nose up to the air, Zmodo Pivot is a discreet Bluetooth speaker for beaming music from your phone or tablet.

You can buy the camera from Zmodo’s online shop for $149.50 (£109), with two door and window sensors included – although it can actually support up to an army of 32 strong.