Music is about to send you to a happy place like no other with the help of this brain-tingling Nervana wearable...

Certain people with a condition called Synesthesia can actually see music in abstract coloured patterns every time they hear it. When it comes to actually feeling the music, however, that’s just a figurative term we use when we enjoy a song…right?

Nope – not anymore. Thanks to a simply genius device called Nervana, we can all now literally feel the music pulsing through our veins. We know. It’s ridiculously awesome.

Nervana device

The Nervana device offers plug-in happiness in time with your music.

Nervana actually works by stimulating the body’s pleasure centre, which is apparently hiding in your left ear canal. It’s called your Vagus nerve. Basically, when you pop in the Nervana earbuds and plug in your music, Nervana send a gentle electrical wave through your left ear canal to stimulate the Vagus nerve and release neurotransmitters – ie. your natural feel-good chemicals. The result? Tingling waves of pleasure in time with your music. Ooh-er.

The very cool part is that Nervana will actually adjusts the intensity of its nerve stimulation by responding to the rhythm and sound of your jam. You can also manually adjust its output via the device’s control buttons, and even choose ‘ambient’ mode to have Nervana respond to music around you – not just in your headphones. If you’re just feeling in the mood for some happy vibes sans music, you can choose ‘formula’ mode and use Nervana’s pre-defined nerve stimulation signal pattern.

Whatever – you’ve probably stopped listening at this point because you just want us to shut up and tell you where you can get hold of one of these magical brain zappers. That would be over on Indiegogo for the early bird special price of $289 (£199). Shipping is set for August this year.