The decision about which semi-precious, hand-cut gemstone to wear on your wrist just got even harder (you poor people).

Ringly, the name behind some of the most delectable smart jewellery on the planet, has added two new looks to its Ringly Aries smart bracelet line.

Both are laden with a silvery stainless steel bangle, replacing the original bracelet’s gold look. The divine duo are also sporting two new semi-precious, hand-cut stones – a ‘Snowflake” obsidian gemstone for the new Boardwalk bracelet, and a ‘Blue Lace’ agate gemstone for the Roadtrip.

As with the original Ringly Aries, the first 500 people who order one of the new models will get a real diamond embedded in the side of the bracelet.

The Ringly Aries’ secret is a hidden pocket of tech inside each gemstone. By connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, the stone filters all of your important notifications from your phone to your wrist, and alerts you with twinkling lights and vibrations.

From WhatsApp and Instagram to Facebook Messenger, Slack, Uber, Snapchat, and your phone’s message, call, and calendar alerts, Ringly Aries has all the important areas covered, and there are over 100 more compatible apps to tether to your bracelet for both iOS and Android.

To help you understand all of your wrist-based alerts, the gemstone’s hidden motor has 4 vibration settings, while its tiny LED light flashes in 5 customisable colours. Instead of pulling out your phone to check whether your Uber is pulling up, all you have to do is wait until you see that twinkling green light in the corner of your eye.

Meanwhile, the built-in accelerometer tackles your step count, syncing to the Ringly app on your phone to set goals and alert you when you’re close to your day’s quota.

The Boardwalk and Roadtrip Aries bracelets are up for pre-order on Ringly’s online store for $195 (£133).