Are you brave enough to really let your friends and family get inside your head?

Apple’s EarPods have always been just the ticket for music and talking on the fly, but a patent filed by Apple this week could see the trusty little buds seriously ramping up their audio game.

Apple’s vision is a pair of EarPods that use bone conduction to relay much higher quality audio, which involves sound waves being transmitted to your inner ear through the bones of your skull. Neat. Don’t worry – it’s completely safe – this Beker swimming wearable uses bone conduction, and so do these crazy Zungle sunglasses.

Apple EarPods Bone Conduction patentAs well as bringing much better clarity to the dulcet tones of your friends and family, the new EarPods will help you hear better in noisy environments. Internal microphones will detect ambient sound around you and consider other factors like accelerometer output, battery level and earbud position to cancel out pesky background noise like traffic and crowds.

Apple EarPods bone conduction Fig2Your own voice will get some smart acoustics treatment too. A sensor within the earbuds will monitor the vibrations in your bone structure by detecting and analysing the vibrations of your vocal chords, making it much easier for your mate on the other end of the phone to hear you when you call from the pub. Plus, Siri always appreciates being able to hear you loud and clear.

Of course, it’s currently just a patent, so there’s no guarantee that the skull-shuddering tech will actually hit your next pair of EarPods. Apple might be a smart tech demigods, but not all of its patents actually make it into the real world. We’ll be watching and waiting.