If you're constantly cranking up the bass on your music, you're going to be blown away by Basslet.

It might look like a chunky smartwatch without a face, but Basslet is actually a sensor-packed, tech-heavy bracelet that wants to give bass junkies the music experience of a lifetime.

Being touted as the “world’s first watch-sized subwoofer”, Basslet connects to your phone or music player to deliver the beats and bass lines of your music directly to your body. Its maker – a Berlin tech startup called Lofelt – says Basslet will create the illusion that you’re literally standing next to a subwoofer at a live gig, intensely feeling every drum kick and booming groove.

It sounds – well, pretty damn awesome. And it gets better. Basslet is primed for gaming and VR too, meaning you’ll be able to feel every punch, explosion and kickback resonating through your body while you play. Without the pain part, obviously (we would hope).

Basslet wearableIf you’re wondering what your fellow commuters are going to make of you rocking up on the train with your portable rave machine at 7AM, worry not. Lofelt says Basslet is actually silent to everyone around you. All you need to do is strap it on, plug in its tiny “Sender” connector into your phone or MP3 player’s headphone jack, and your secret bass bubble is ready to rumble.

Of course, with every piece of tech that promises a certain kind of out-of-the-body experience comes the possibility that it’s not actually all it’s cracked up to be. And because Basslet is relatively fresh out of Kickstarter, there’s no telling yet whether it packs the bone-shuddering punch it promises.

Basslet music wearable

Lofelt says on Basslet’s Kickstarter page that the wearable uses a patent-pending LoSound engine to recreate bass frequencies down to 10 Hz, letting you feel the full bass spectrum “with maximum precision”. And while that certainly sounds legit, we’re still not sure exactly how the beat makes its magical transition from your wrist throughout the rest of your body.

Unsurprisingly, Basslet smashed through its funding goal on Kickstarter to hit full funding in no time. If you’re sold on it, you can pre-order it from Lofelt’s website for $179 (around £145).