It's a tiny wellness coach you can take with you everywhere.

To the unassuming observer, Bioring is just a rather chunky piece of statement jewellery. Get a little closer, and…actually, you’re still none the wiser. Bioring is possibly one of the most disguised pieces of tech we’ve ever met. Its top secret powers? It’s a wellness coach and lifestyle tracker rolled into one.

Bioring is packed with sensors including a 3-axis accelerometer, bio-impedance sensor and an optical HR sensor. When it’s tucked neatly on your finger, it can capture a crazy amount of stats, including your calorie intake, protein intake, fat intake, sleep status, stress levels, water levels and – deep breath – heart rate. It can also track your distance and steps when you’re working out or just getting on with your day.

Bioring lifestyleLike any loyal wearable, Bioring beams all of your stats to an app in your phone in real-time, and nudges you with gentle vibrations and app-based notifications when you need to take action. It will, for instance, shout out when you’re overdoing it on your preset calorie limit, or let you know if your stress levels are climbing so you can take a breather.

Wondering how on earth a ring on your finger knows what you’re eating? That would be the bio-impedance sensor. That little fella measures changes of fluid levels in your cells by sending (harmless) electric signals with high and low frequencies, then reading the resistance from the tissues.

That sensor also measures how long your glucose level stays inflated and how long it takes to drop back to normal. This, apparently, is called your glucose curve, and gets flattened by fats and protein.

Bioring keyboardObviously, tracking all manner of unseen health metrics is no fun if you can’t ogle at the results, and the Bioring app has a full ‘macro-nutrient breakdown’ of your food intake, which should make for some fun post-meal reading.

If you can’t be near your phone all the time for Bioring to auto-sync your data, that’s not a problem. The ring can store around a week’s worth of data, which you can then upload in bulk the next chance you get.


If you’re after a comprehensive health tracker that you don’t have to prod, poke, tap and swipe at during regular intervals, Bioring could just be the wearable you’re searching for. It’s also waterproof and scratch-resistant, which makes it ideal for round-the-clock tracking.

Bioring has joined the tech startup masses over on Indiegogo, where you can grab an early bird deal from $199 (around £148). There’s still a month left to go on the campaign, but Bioring has comfortably bagged enough funding to become a reality.