Want some of that smartwatch contactless payment magic, but love your old watch? bPay Loop is your answer.

Barclays has launched a tiny add-on called the bPay Loop that turns almost any ‘dumb’ piece of wrist kit into a tool for contactless payment.

The chip-laden clip is no bigger than a watch buckle, and slides onto any strap up to 22mm wide that has an open buckle to discreetly equip it with contactless payment abilities.

Once that whippersnapper is on, you’re set to pay for stuff at the till with a quick flick of your wrist. It fits everything from your bog-standard analog watch to contactless-less smartwatches and fitness trackers, letting you make payments up to £30 at over 400,000 locations across the UK.

bPay Loop fitness trackerWith bPay’s mobile app, you can track your spending from your secure virtual wallet, toggle your account settings and top up on the fly using most major debit or credit cards.

Barclays partnered with fitness brand Garmin and luxury Swiss watch maker Mondaine to bring Loop to life, so select models of theirs are already primed for a swift Looping up. The dinky clip also happens to be the perfect size for your Fitbit.

It’s not the first time that Barclays has gifted us a novel way to pay contactless in the past month. In June, it launched a fresh range of Topshop bPay Luxe contactless trinkets that bring some much-needed bling to the table.

The fabulous news for everyone? You can pick up bPay Loop for just £20 – buy it here now.