It's probably the closest you're going to get to wearing your heart on your sleeve.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to channel your inner self through the medium of slogan tees, you might have experienced frustration that you just don’t have enough wardrobe space for the many nuances and facets of your complex personality.

It’s a very real dilemma. But not to worry, because an Indian startup called Broadcast Wearables is here to quell your restrictive sartorial woes in style. Currently vying for funding over on Indiegogo, its Broadcast t-shirt is a touch-enabled, LED-laden smart tee that lets you splash whatever message, sentiment or design across your chest at any given time. In lights. You too can be as effortlessly cool as this guy:Broadcast glasses

The connectivity of the t-shirt is made possibly by an embedded Bluetooth chip, which connects it directly to a companion app on your phone. Here, you can customise every single LED light on the t-shirt to make your desired design flash up on your chest in an instant.

And because what works for you in the morning might be old news by lunch time, Broadcast is touch-enabled, meaning all it takes to switch the design and show a different side of you is a simple swipe across your chest. Turning the LED lights on and off is easy too – just give the t-shirt’s logo a quick pat.

In its promo vid, Broadcast Wearables gives a couple of examples of how you might like to make use of their revolutionary t-shirt. And bearing in mind that Broadcast Wearables describes their t-shirt as a means to “break the boundaries of your digital creativity”, here’s possible use number one:
Broadcast BOGOFIn the highly likely event that you don’t need to walk around advertising BOGOF deals, you can always turn to possible use number two:Broadcast get well soonThe guy in the bed is not the least bit impressed. Abort. We repeat, abort.

Uninspiring examples aside, Broadcast is actually a pretty impressive piece of tech. Broadcast Wearables has managed to keep the t-shirt 100% cotton and washable, meaning it’s also impervious to drink spillages. The LEDs are also so tiny that it shouldn’t feel like you’re wearing a wearable, which is what every wearable wearer wants from a wearable these days.

If you can think of a more inventive way to customise the t-shirt’s LED display than its makers, you might just be onto something special. You can pre-order Broadcast from the tee’s Indiegogo camapaign for the early bird price of $59 (£40). Shipping is set for November 2016.