These cosy Lundi boots are like smartphone-controlled heaters for your feet.

Freezing feet and numb toes are a recipe for misery, but there’s finally a warming fire at the end of the tunnel in the form of Lundi boots – a pair of heated leather boots that give you toasty toes in a single tap.

Lundi boots are the creation of Katie Lefkowitz, a shoe-lover who found herself unable to find a pair of boots to meet her many needs during one of Boston’s snowiest winters on record. Determined to come up with a solution, she teamed up with her father, Sheldon Lefkowitz, and enlisted the help of smart tech.

Packing an electronic box, heating element, and Bluetooth chip, Lundi boots connect to an app on your phone to give you remote control over heating up your feet. Whether you’re walking to work, sitting on the bus, or on your way for after-work drinks, you can quickly toggle the temperature of your boots up to 40˚c with a single tap.

To make sure your feet are comfy as well as warm, the boots are padded out with a flexible cushion and handcrafted in Italy using soft, breathable fabric. Lefkowitz was keen for her hot boots to be as stylish and versatile as possible to suit both everyday and evening wear, which is why they’re a stunning black leather number that wouldn’t look out of place at your favourite bar.

Of course, the boots run on a battery, so you’re going to have to charge them. Don’t worry, though – you don’t have to plug them into the mains. They come with a boot shaper tool that slips into the boots and snaps into place using magnets. A single charge should give you about 7 hours of happy feet.

The great news is that Lundi boots should be available just in time for next winter, with shipping set for November if their Kickstarter campaign is successful. You can pre-order a pair for  $349 (£247). They will ship anywhere in the world.