It's like a nineties mood ring that actually works...

If the idea of wearing a wristband that buzzes every time you sit still for too long and obsesses over every single step you take makes you want to claw your own face off, you might find it refreshing to hear about Feel.

Feel is, by all intents and purposes, a fitness wearable. It’s a silicone wristband, it does buzz, and yes – it even tracks your heart rate. But it’s not a fitness wearable as we know it. Instead of counting steps, logging your running route and reminding you to stop being lazy, Feel is concerned with one thing, and one thing only – making you happy.

Yes, with 4 integrated sensors that measure and track various biosignals throughout the day – including  galvanic skin response, blood volume, pulse and skin temperature – Feel reckons it can determine whether you’re happy, sad, stressed or satisfied and cheer you right up in no time.

And what wonder of modern science – what miracle method – does Feel employ to make you smile? That would be, er…a combination of app-based exercises, feedback and wrist-based notifications. Yeah, we know. Beaming happy vibes to your brain would have been a far more exhilarating prospect. But bear with us.

When it senses you’re sad or stressed, Feel will fire up custom guided breathing exercises and meditations in the app to you calm and relax you. It will also pepper your day with personal recommendations to improve your emotional health based on what emotions it’s sensing, with advice and training on healthy habits that promote happiness and positive feelings.

The Feel app also records all of your mood data to help you see how your mood is influenced by factors in your life like the people you meet and the environment you’re in. That’s intended to put some power in your hands, helping you avoid certain situations – or people – that trigger stress and anxiety. Which is really helpful until you realise that those trigger people are your colleagues and that negative environment is your office, and you now have to disappear to the toilets every 20 minutes to try and strategically breathe away your hatred.

Of course, there’s also some timely buzzing thrown into the mix that might help you avoid the exercises altogether. When Feel senses you’re low, it will vibrate to let you know that you’re slipping into sad territory. This could be annoying at first, but if you get into the habit of managing and recognises the things that make you stressed and sad, that simple reminder could be enough to help you see the light. At least, we think that’s the idea…

If you’re open to letting smart tech into your life for a much-needed mood boost, you can sign up here to be the first to know when Feel becomes available.