But can it help you feel the force?

Star Wars fans can now command their very own little BB-8 droid with a flick of the wrist thanks to robotic toy maker Sphero.

Available worldwide on September 30th, a limited edition BB-8 droid will join Sphero’s existing Force Band wearable to let you control the droid as it faithfully bumbles around on your living room carpet.

As well as responding to your every wave, the tiny BB-8 bot will also recognise and react to the sound of your voice, dutifully performing tricks at your every whim. To make it really feel like your BB-8 replica has been exploring the baron plains of planet Jakki, it’s finished with a battle-worn look.

You can use Force Band to control other robots too, or just use it as a standalone toy if BB-8 needs a break. The wearable on its own makes light saber sounds, and provides voice prompts to let you know if there are holocrons nearby – a bit like scouting for Pokémon. You can catch them and save them in the app, and find hidden supplies from the resistance, Pokéstop-style.

Sphero Force BandBattery-wise, BB-8 will put in a good hour shift rolling about on the floor before you need to tether the poor sci-fi droid to a USB cable and juice it up with some good old planet earth tech.

You’ll be able to pick up the Force Band and special edition BB-8 droid together for $199 (around £150). Just want the Force Band? It’s up for grabs at $79 (around £60). Shop for them here.