This self-proclaimed "most intelligent action camera" is smart enough to make the GoPro very nervous indeed...

If you’re too busy searching for new adventures to fiddle around with cameras and editing software, you’ll probably be pleased to meet Frodo.

A smart action camera that self-edits on the go, it’s no coincidence that this little camera is named after one of the greatest fictional adventurers in history. Equipped with 6-axis motion sensors, gyro-based video stabilisation and a tiny HD-ready lens, Frodo can capture live footage of your high-octane pursuits and edit it in real-time while you stream it to your mates on Facebook via Frodo’s app. If you like, you can even add a backing track from your music library for extra drama.

With 5 editing modes – genius, action, calm, people, and 15 seconds – you can tell Frodo exactly how you want your adventures cut while they’re happening. Frodo’s clever algorithm is designed to pick up exactly the kind of action you’re out to shoot. In people mode, for example, Frodo will focus on all shots with your fellow adventurers in them. Calm mode will hone in on tranquil shots of water or sweeping panoramas, while action mode simply cuts to the nitty gritty to catch all your best moves.

The great thing about Frodo is that you’re not limited to just strapping it to your head. All of its tech is housed in a detachable module, which can be strapped to your wrist, on the front of your helmet, or even hang from the nearest tree. A one-touch shoot button gives you ease of access to Frodo’s shooting mode, and there’s also a hidden LED display which shows its status.

Frodo is, of course, dust, shock and water-proof, so it can withstand pretty much all of the elements that your body can. Its app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

The best bit? It’s as cheap as it is tiny. It’s currently raking in funding over on Indiegogo where you can pre-order it from $149 (£103). Shipping is set for November this year, and the campaign is fully funded, so you can definitely expect this little whippersnapper to be hitting the production line soon.