Now your best friend can literally light up your life.

This flashy little wearable has risen to Kickstarter fame with its unique ability to communicate secret messages between friends using rave-worthy LED light patterns.

It’s called Gemio, and it has well and truly thrashed its funding goal on Kickstarter with still a month left to reel in backers. If you’re a festival-going, gig-loving guy or gal yourself, you might just be wearing it to your next all-nighter.

Gemio works using a series of interchangeable LED Tiles, which connect together like a string of chunky beads. Each Tile is loaded with a unique pattern that can shine millions of different colours, with endless light effects that can respond to the beat of your music, the rhythm of your body and even the proximity of  your friends.

If you’re partying in a group, Gemio lets you connect multiple bands at the push of a button to form a collective of close-knit bands. From the app on your phone, you can send customised light signals to your mates’ bands to say, for instance, ‘I’m on my way’ or ‘let’s get out of here’.

It’s up to you to decide what your light signals mean, so you can even have a go-to wrist flash for that all-important ‘save me from a creepy dance floor stalker right now’ signal.

And while you’re dancing the night away, Gemio will simply shine and sparkle in one of its many preset effects. A water effect, for instance, makes blues, greens and whites across your hand, while a fire setting puts flickering oranges, reds and yellows on your wrist, which come to life and ‘spark’ when you tap the band.

The lowest price early bird offer on Kickstarter is currently $59 (around £45), and you can pre-order now in time for worldwide shipping in November. Prices go up depending on how many interchangeable Tiles you decide to swap in.