Wear your loved one's beating heart on your finger. Not literally, of course.

If can’t stand to be away from your other half for a single second, you’re probably the kind of soppy so-and-so who will love HB Ring.

Coated in glamorous exposed Sapphire and hiding a tiny heart rate sensor, HB Ring can pick up your heartbeat in real time and mimic it on a HB Ring on your loved one’s finger. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you can simply tap the ring to feel the pulsating heartbeat of your beloved significant other.

hb-ring-goldTo get a couple of HB Rings beating, simply download the app to your phone, connect your ring, then pair it with your loved one’s HB Ring. And that’s pretty much it. Your partner’s heartbeat on your finger. Just what you, er…always dreamed of.

The HB Ring comes with its own charging box, with plush cream white inner padding to make the matter of heartbeat-stalking feel above board and not at all creepy. There’s also a double charger box that you can dock two rings inside to charge beside one another. Like we said. Not at all creepy.

hb-ring-manIf you’re worried about HB Ring’s precious tech suffering water damage when it drowns in your lovesick tears, you’ll be pleased to know it’s watertight. That Sapphire coating also makes it scratch-proof.

Love or loathe the idea of the HB Ring, you can’t deny it’s not pretty clever. And you can’t deny there’s a market for it either. We’ve already seen the likes of Pillow Talk do incredibly well. If you can’t stomach the idea of HB Ring – you’d better not read about Pillow Talk while eating your dinner. It’s a wristband that sends you to sleep to the beat of your partner’s heart.

If you’re on board, you can sign up here to get news when HB Ring is up for pre-order. There’s both a Stainless Steel and optional Solid Rose Gold version available.