Anyone with a Basis Peak fitness watch can upgrade now to get new music toggling and manual workout logging abilities.

Intel launched its Basis Peak fitness watch in 2014, bringing automatic sleep and fitness logging, optical heart rate tracking, and wrist-based notifications via a simple monochrome screen. Everyone was happy and merry with the chunky little fella, and it even made it onto our 5 best smartwatches for iOS list in 2015.

For Intel, however, it seems that things were just warming up. The American tech giant has just announced an epic update to all new and existing Basic Peak fitness watches that will bring us wearable junkies ever-closer to the perfect workout.

The biggest bonus the update brings is wrist-based music toggling. By linking up Basis Peak with your favourite music app on your smartphone and turning on the watch’s new Media Controller feature, you’ll be able to skip tracks, mute, pause, and play by tapping and swiping your watch. No more fumbling for your smartphone on the treadmill and risking a slapstick mishap, which most gym fiends can probably relate to.

In terms of what music apps are up for the crack, Android users get the pick of Google Play, Amazon and Spotify, while iOS users can link up any music player they like.

Basis Peak’s makeover also brings manual fitness logging to your fitness tracking game. The watch already has automatic fitness tracking for walking, running and cycling, but you’ll now be able to manually log stuff like Zumba and weight training in the app.

The app’s automatic fitness logging capabilities will also benefit from the upgrade, with improved 12-hour activity graphing and data storage. The bottom line, Intel explains, its that your data will now load faster and will also be available offline after you sync. The rest of our favourite features remain intact, which includes performance-based goal-setting and the ability to stream your heart rate in real-time to your other favourite fitness apps.

To upgrade for free, just make sure you’re on v1.18.0 of the Basis Peak app, and v1.20.10 of the watch software. If you’re not already the proud owner of a Basis Peak, you can grab one for just £129.99 from Argos.