Only hear the good sounds with these clever little buds.

If you’ve ever stuffed a standard pair of cheap ear plugs in your lug holes, you will have noticed that the world around you suddenly sounds muffled. A lot less quiet – granted – but a little bit like you’re listening from inside a fish tank. And for British tech company Flare Audio, that’s just not good enough.

With Isolate, the aim was to create ear buds that could soften the blow of loud, disruptive sounds, while keeping the sounds you want to hear high quality. Flare Audio discovered that in order to conduct sound, metals need a direct connection. Without one, solid metals blocked sounds just perfectly.

And so Isolate were born –  metal ear plugs with dense material inside which is suspended in soft memory foam, stopping the effects of conduction. Flare Audio claim that if you wear them at a gig, they’ll completely block out damaging bass frequencies, while still letting you hear the music.

Isolate ear budsWear them at night, and they’ll block the sound of your partner snoring. Pop them in n a construction site? They’ll silence that pneumatic drill. Stick them in while you’re riding a motorbike, and they’ll soothe that engine sound. There’s almost no end to the situations in life when a pair of Isolate would be super-handy.

The boon with Isolate is that they’ll last you a lifetime. The tips, which come in three sizes, can be removed and replaced as and when, while the metal component will retain its sound-blocking talents for life.

The tiny noise-killers enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign, and are now on Indiegogo due to increased demand. If you fancy a pair, you can currently pre-order isolate for just $24 (around £18). Worldwide shipping is set for October this year.