Cat ears, champagne bubbles and plenty of pink.

New York designer Kate Spade is about to lavish us girls with the uber-feminine wearables we’ve been waiting for. Her new range of smart wearables smothered in girly goodness is about to hit the shops, and you can expect anything but the plain old silicone yawn fest we’re used to.

First up is a fitness tracking bangle, which is set to go on sale in September. It might be black and silicone, but it’s also sporting golden cat ears, a scalloped cat face and a cute Kate Spade imprint in the centre. It will cost $125 (around £95).

Next in the lineup is a fitness tracking bangle – a dainty rose gold affair embellished with pastel pink clasps, inscribed inside with the phrase ‘seize the day’. That will sit at a pretty $125 (around £95) too, and is also set to hit the shops in September.

Finally, we have a smartwatch. Expect the usual quirky-cute Kate Spade vibe, with clinking champagne glasses on the watch face and ‘cheers!’ written underneath the Kate Spade logo positioned at 12 o’clock. Obviously, it’s pink too. The smartwatch will be up for $250 (around £189) and will go on sale a little later in November.

All of the connected jewellery pieces will be iPhone and Android compatible.