We've been waiting too long for someone to invent this.

Wish your keyring wouldn’t turn against you and attempt to turn your thumb into a bloody stump every time you swap in a new key? You and every other key carrier on this God-forsaken planet. Luckily, Kii RING is here to save the day.

Currently reaping in funding over on Kickstarter, Kii RING is a stainless steel keyring that offers the same security as your traditional keyring, but without the trials and tribulations.

With a small tab for effortless opening, Kii RING pops open with just a nudge from your finger, or simply when you gently slide a key inside. No more trying to prise it apart with a kitchen knife (we’ve all been there), or trying to hopelessly ram your key into the stubborn metal. Basically, it just does what a keyring is supposed to do – for once in our lives.

Because it’s so jaw-droppingly, knee-slappingly gentle and easy on your fingers, Kii RING is also a handy clip for stashing money away, or for acting as a carabiner to keep a zip shut or hold two clasps on a bag together. Remember – it’s stainless steel, so it’s a hardy little nipper that can withstand the usual knocks and bumps of everyday life.

kii-ring-money-holderIf you’re ready to wake up to a bright new dawn of key carrying, you can pre-order Kii RING for just $7 (around £5) Kii Rings. That will bag you not just one, but two Kii RINGS.

If you really want to push the boat out, you can lay down $8 (around £6) to get one Kii RING and 4 Mini Kii RINGs, which are for keys with super tiny holes. Worldwide shipping is set for December this year.