Slip in and out of your favourite lace-ups like a cunning magician with these snappy Magnetic Shoe Laces.


It happens to the best of us. You’re strolling down the street, minding your own business, but what’s that? Your shoe laces flapping loose? Well, you thought you’d done a good job of tying them, but never mind – you’ll just have to crouch down and fix them right up again.

Hang on a sec, this isn’t as easy as it when you’re sitting on the sofa at home. Are you about to topple over in front of dozens of strangers? Yes, it’s happening. You’ve landed in the foetal position on the pavement. Abort…repeat, ABORT.

You get the idea. Shoe laces are hazardous tricksters that will trip you up – sometimes literally – when you’re least expecting it – including when you’re trying to tie them up. But no matter – the days of loose lace-related fiascos are over. It’s time to snap on a pair of super-smart Magnetic Shoe Laces.

Magnetic Shoe LacesNotice something? There’s no messy knot to get your fingers in a tangle. There are no loose ends to send your feet into a frenzy. Just one neat snap-on clasp that secures your laces in seconds, and stays put from the moment you snap it on until when you need to step out of your shoes. And speaking of which, check out how easy it is to undo your laces now…

Magnetic Shoe Laces gymOf course, Magnetic Shoe Laces are perfect if you’re prone to accidents or simply sick of bending over to tie knots all the time, but they’re also a perfect solution for anybody who has limited mobility or hand strength. Whether you’re struggling with your laces because of an injury or an ongoing health problem, Magnet Shoe Laces could make life a lot simpler.

You can grab yourself a set of two pairs of the Magnetic Shoe Laces shown above in black and white from Hammacher Shlemmer for $39.95 (£30). Various other options are available from Amazon.