Protect your things from rain showers, accidental bumps and sneaky pick-pockets with this neat and discreet theft-proof backpack.

If you’re a city commuter, the threat of pick-pockets is a very real concern. In fact, according to Dutch design brand XD Design, there are 400,000 incidents of pick-pocketing worldwide every day, with 65% of reported incidents in the UK taking place on the London Underground. Scary, eh?

That’s why the brand decided it was time to make Bobby. A cut-proof, water-repellant, shock-absorbing everyday rucksack, Bobby has cleverly concealed zips and secret pockets to make it a mind-boggling minefield for potential thieves. Check out a normal backpack vs Bobby on the pick-pocket test…Bobby backpack

Luckily, Bobby’s theft-proof exterior makes it difficult for everyone apart from you to get inside. Its main zipper is fully hidden in the back of the bag, but because it’s yours, of course, you’ll know exactly where to look for it. It also has handy extras like a concealed pocket behind the front strap for easy access to your Oyster or travel card, and even a power bank and USB port for charging your phone on the fly.

Keen cyclist? To keep you visible to traffic when you’re commuting on the road, Bobby is also equipped with illuminated safety strips that glows brightly on your back. If you’re carrying a heavy load, Bobby’s weight distribution is carefully positioned so that its heavier components are close to your back, making you feel less weight.

Bobby is also primed for the avid traveller, with an elasticated strip band underneath its main strap for attaching it to a bigger suitcase. To make packing a breeze, Bobby’s main zip opens right down both sides of the bag, letting you open it out flat like a suitcase to stuff all kinds of essentials and goodies inside.bobby backpack stuff

You can pre-order Bobby over on Kickstarter in either grey or blue for just £56. Having completely smashed its funding goal, Bobby is set to start shipping in November this year.