Stay stylish and on track with your schedule using the Calendar Watch.


If the idea of wearable technology and fiddling with millions of buttons and function completely puts you off, take it back a step with the Calendar Watch that shows you the time, your calendar and nothing else. It’s simple but ingenious and might just be the wearable personal assistant you’ve been looking for.

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This design gives you all the beauty and style of an analogue watch, with the added bonus of digital connectivity and functionality. The clean interface shows you all your appointments, meetings and events at a quick glance and the stainless steel watch body and premium leather strap makes for a traditional timepiece that keeps all its digital tricks under wraps.

The Calendar Watch syncs with your favourite calendar apps and then displays the next twelve hours of your day with dark sections for appointments and light sections for your free time so you visualise the day ahead at a quick glance. It then automatically updates as you make change to your calendar on any different device and discreetly vibrates to alert you when your next appointment is coming up.

Although many smartwatches become completely useless the second your phone dies, the Calendar Watch has a battery that lasts for weeks and keeps going even when your smartphone dies so you’re never left in the lurch when you’re on the go. It’s also perfect for jet setters as it automatically adjusts the time and switches between time zones for you.

The Kickstarter project has already smashed its fundraising goal with over 500 backers ready for a change of pace. Estimated delivery is not expected until September but there are still a few early bird offers on, starting at €240 (£186). And while you’re waiting you can drool over the design and start choosing your favourite colour between polar white, aqua blue and the special edition gunmetal black.