The Nex Band takes the traditional health and fitness tracker, and throws in extra music, gaming, social media and messaging functions.

If you jumped on board of all the recent wearable trends you’d be covered in trackers, smart jewellery and connected clothing from head to toe. It’s tough to be selective, especially when you buy a smart watch and then wish you could add more features.

The IFTTT compatible Nex Band gets that struggle and works with removable modules that you can customise to create different possibilities to give you the features you need. It covers the now standard options like health and fitness tracking, but then opens up possibilities ranging from useful to just a bit strange. For example, if you’ve ever felt the burning desire for a smart device to ring every time you passed your favourite brunch spot, you now could.

And while some options may seem pretty strange or downright pointless, it’s designed to become whatever you need or want it to be. There are 5 nodes that you can customise. The concept is based on “hacking wearables” which sounds confusing but basically involves you personalising each module using the app to create an infinite number of hacks to customise your Nex Band.This means you can change the function of each module as many times as you need to so you’ll never get bored of the little gadget.

You can “hack” social media, gaming, messaging, smart home appliances, music and photos all from your wrist. Each module can be swapped between Nex Bands so you can easily share playlists or photo albums. The Nex app lets you add your favourite apps like Spotify, Hue to turn on your smart lightbulbs and Nest to adjust your smart thermometer.

This versatile band is currently available over on their website and on their Indiegogo page. It is competitively priced at just $99 (£70) and will be available for shipping from Spring 2016.