This oversized trinket wants to put a cry for help at your fingertips.

We’ve across several rings and bracelets designed with personal safety in mind, but none with a backstory quite as compelling as Nimb’s.

Nimb was founded by Kathy Roma – a New York mother and writer who was brutally attacked in broad daylight in 2000. Astoundingly, Roma survived a slashed throat, stomach and three stab wounds to the chest before deciding to use her experience to make something positive that could help others in need. And so – we have Nimb.

Put simply, Nimb is a panic button inside a ring. And a very beautiful ring at that – if chunky jewellery is your bag. Packing a Bluetooth connection and GPS-tracking capabilities, Nimb can issue an SOS to your emergency contacts at just a thumb’s press when you’re in need of help.

Nimb ringWhether you’re caught in a natural disaster, lost, experiencing a health emergency or – like Roma – suffering a personal attack, all you have to do is press down Nimb’s panic button located on the underside of the ring for 3 seconds to send out a call for help.

When your alert is out, your preset contacts – called your ‘safety circle’ – will instantly receive a message with your profile information and GPS coordinates, along with a warning that you’re in danger. The app lets you choose specific people who will receive an alert from Nimb – including police and security services as well as your friends and family.

After that, your contacts will be able to track your location in real-time, which helps them know exactly where you are at all times when they’re en route. Nimb itself will vibrate to let you know that your message has gone out and help is on its way. There’s a chat function in the app too, in case you’re able to pull out your phone and type.

Nimb smart ringNimb’s button is sunken slightly into the ring, making it harder to accidentally send out a duff alert. If you do happen to press and hold it by mistake, you can cancel it by entering the password in the app.

One of the cool things about Nimb is that it wants to encourage strangers to help each other too. You can access the entire Nimb community via the app, and even join circles and assign tags to receive alerts – and send them to – strangers using Nimb. It’s always possibly you could be close by when another Nimb wearer needs help.

Nimb has smashed its funding goal over on Kickstarter, and thanks to a flash sale the current lowest early bird price going is $115 (£112). Shipping is set for January 2017.