Because just one accidental undone zipper incident is enough to haunt you for a lifetime.

It has finally happened, folks. Thousands of years of evolution, trillions of hours of scientific research and decades of breakthroughs, and a solution for one of the most common problems is here. It’s trousers that tell you when your zip’s undone.

They are called Noti-FLY Pants, which is a nifty word amalgamation if we ever did see one. The creation of Chaotic R&D, Noti-FLY know if you’re flying low and send a push notification to your phone if you’re in danger of giving everyone a surprise eye-full. In their maker’s words, they are your personal pervert alert. We guess there’s no time for mincing words when indecent exposure is on the cards.

Tech-wise, Noti-FLY are hiding some pretty impressive crotch circuitry to deliver their hasty warning. With fabric switches that connect to the zip and button, the pants can detect exactly when the button is closed and the zip is down. Via electronic fabric and thread that conducts electricity and a Bluetooth connection, the pants can then communicate with your phone to let you know you need to zip up before anyone else notices.

Alas, for now, there’s no indication that the Noti-FLY pants will be closely guarding our dignity any time soon. Chaotic R&D intended the project as a foray into the idea of invisible UI (user interface), as illustrated by smart clothing. You can read more about them here, or check out this video: