This time-travelling cam can record up to 5 minutes of footage in the past.

Missing a photo opportunity is a crushing feeling, but this Perfect Memory Camera wants to help you capture the moment – and then some. True to its name, the Perfect Memory Camera is capable of the incredible talent of recording something that just happened – even if you forgot to hit record.

The camera is a dinky little cube that you can snap on a pendant around your neck to take point-of-view pics and video on the go. With a quick double-tap of your finger, Perfect Memory will wind back its footage and save a video of everything it saw in the last 5 minutes while you were too busy enjoying the moment to whip out your smartphone.

Perfect Memory CameraThat’s called Auto Edit mode, but it’s not the only way to use the camera. There’s also Dual mode, which lets you record video on demand and take photos by tapping buttons on the camera or in its companion phone app, and you can also enter Timelapse mode or Loop mode for more cool effects.

You don’t just have to stick to snapping the world at chest-level, though. The cam is versatile enough to connect to your pet’s collar or an action camera mount. You can even clip it onto the fridge to create an instant video booth and capture all the drunken antics at your next hosue party.

Perfect Memory CameraPerfect Memory Camera has a whopping 128G of memory for your media, which should give you peace of mind while you’re snapping away.

The cam has smashed its funding goal on Indiegogo, and is up for grabs at $99 (around £74). You can pre-order it now for shipping in October.