Badge + GIF = one way to definitely get noticed.

If you’re partial to a brightly-coloured badge or two on your lapel, you’re probably the kind of person who likes to attract attention.

Well, with a badge from Pins Collective, you won’t just turn a few heads. You will part seas. You will move mountains. You will make grown men cry (with joy…probably). Ladies and gentlemen, meet the badge that’s also an animated GIF.

The digital ‘pin’, as our American friends call it, is a 3.4-inch LCD screen that broadcasts your favourite art, photo or GIF on your collar. With an app on your phone (iOS and Android), you can choose from tons of awesome still and moving designs by the Pins Collective network of artists, street artists and illustrators. Check out this bad lad:

Pins Collective gif

It moves! How pin-teresting…

If you want to go off piste, you can use the creator tool to fashion your own art from pre-set shapes, backgrounds and text options, or even upload your own photos and videos. Animated GIF of your dog’s vast catalogue of facial expressions? We’re thinking hell yes.

When you’ve settled on an image or GIF, you can instantly upload it to your badge via Bluetooth by hitting “wear on pin”. A still picture should hang around for up to 74 hours, but you’ll only have about 2.5 to dazzle onlookers if you opt for an animated affair.

If you want to prolong the battery life (and give everyone’s eyes a break for a bit), you can always hit the badge’s onboard power button to temporarily switch off.

After raking in funding from pin-thusiasts over on Indiegogo, the Pins Collective digital pin is ready for pre-orders. Early bird prices start at $69 (£48), but there’s a long wait until you’ll be getting a tiny box in the post; shipping is set for February 2017.