A wearable MIDI controller that puts the power of digital music at your fingertips.


With the evolution of smart tech, it’s now less about learning a new instrument, and more about becoming the instrument. Which makes us sound slightly loopy, but not when we tell you that’s exactly what Remedi T8 makes possible.

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Remedi T8 is a sensor-packed glove that turns your entire hand into a digital music system. With 8 pressure-sensitive spots dotted about the glove, Remedi T8 lets you orchestrate infinite combinations of notes and sounds on any surface with your hand gestures alone.

You can choose your jam by toggling the glove’s control panel wristband, which plugs into the glove via a magnetic connector. Browse note sets, switch from one set to another, choose famous riffs, sample sets, or just set a standard C to F scale – it’s all just a button’s tap away.

When it comes to actually making music, there’s practically no end to what a flick of the wrist or a drumming of your fingers can achieve. And rather than fail miserably at trying to explain what it sounds like, here’s a real taste of the magic:

Like most smart things these days, Remedi T8 comes with its own app, where you can personalise how your movements influence the sounds the glove makes, download thousands of melodies and tracks, and also pair the glove up with DJing software like Traktor and Serato.

You can save all of the music you make in the app, share it with friends, remix, or even perform it, adding licks, riffs, or bits of flare over your backing track for the ultimate hands-on DJ set.

Remidi T8 is currently stirring up attention over on Kickstarter, where you can jump in line for an early bird offer starting at $229 (£161). Worldwide shipping is set for September 2016.