No more useless wobbly footage with this self-stabilising Revl Arc 4k action cam.

Everyone who has ever tried to capture nail-biting footage on an action cam knows the drill all too well. You arrive back home still pumped full of adrenaline, you plug in your camera to show your mates what you’re made of, and right at the moment where you perform that death-defying stunt…the camera jerks. Proof of your awesomeness lost forever thanks to one shaky shot.

Sadly, you’ll never get that once-in-a-lifetime moment back, but thanks to Revl Arc, your next trick will be perfectly documented for the world to see. Revl Arc is touting itself as the world’s first stabilised smart action camera. With a built-in motorised gimbal and electronic image stabilisation, Revl Arc frames all of your jumps and stunts perfectly in crystal clear 4K through its wide-angled lens, keeping the view level to the horizon at all times.

If you ever take your eyes away from the action, you can view the cam’s footage in real-time via the app on your iPhone. If you like, you can even stream your session online for your mates to see, or just share the footage to social media directly from the app when you’re safe on the ground. Revl Arc will also capture 12MP stills to really hone in on those awesome views.

With Revl Arc, you don’t have to worry about a bit of rough and tumble. The camera is waterproof up to 10 feet, with a scratch-proof and anti-fog lens cover to make sure your footage never gets cloudy.

Revl Arc has stormed past its funding goal on Indiegogo, where you can pre-order it for $379 (£270). It comes with a tripod, standard action camera mount, a stick mount, and a range of colour bumpers to keep things jazzy.