Ditch the boring silicone and customise your Samsung Gear S2 with the strap it deserves.

If you’re bored stiff with the bog-standard strap that came with your Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, you’ll be delighted to hear that Samsung has come to its senses and launched an adaptor to let you change up its look.

The stainless steel adaptor – which comes in either dark grey or silver to match the watch – simply snaps into the watch face in place of your regular strap, enabling you to attach absolutely any 20mm strap. In a generous move on the Japanese tech giant’s part, it doesn’t even have to be a Samsung strap. This gives you free reign to choose whatever leather, metal, or fabric strap you like, which isn’t usually an option with most top-of-the-range smartwatches.

Frustratingly for the moment, the adaptor is only available to customers in Germany, Singapore, and South Africa, but Samsung promises more countries soon. If you’ve got a taste for customising your Gear S2, you can find out other ways of jazzing up the smartwatch here.