There's no hiding from TomTom's new fitness tracker.

If you’re looking for a friend who will be honest about how unhealthy you are, read on, friend. TomTom’s first foray into the fitness tracking band game, TomTom Touch, is a straight-talking wearable that will display your body fat and muscle mass in plain English on your wrist.

If that isn’t enough to kick you into gear, TomTom Touch will capture the usual gang of stats that we all expect from a good wearable these days. Steps, active time, calories, distance and sleep are all in there, along with a built-in heart rate monitor that puts your pulse – resting and active – on your wrist 24/7.

TomTom Touch 1The stats get beamed to an app on your phone, where you can dip into graphs and charts to see trends, habits and improvements at a glance. You can swipe through your stats on the band’s touchscreen too, which is also a hub for phone notifications in case you want to keep in touch while you’re sweating it out.

Looks-wise, Touch doesn’t bring much new to the table. It’s oozing that unmistakeable silicone fitness tracker vibe, which is fine if you don’t mind wearable a silicone fitness tracker, but it’s not much next to a pretty little thing like the Fitbit Alta. Still, you can swap band colours if you get bored.

You can pre-order TomTom Touch now for £129.99.