We would totally wear smart clothes if Topshop made them.

For the effortlessly stylish among us, the idea of wearing clothes with hidden tech inside is probably hideously uncool. But if those clothes were made by Topshop? We reckon the tables would turn.

Well, it’s actually time for fashion lovers everywhere to eat their words, because Topshop is, as it turns out, in the process of making smart clothes. That’s right. Clothes with tech in. Chic is about to meet geek, people.

Topshop is making the techie threads alongside its Top Pitch competition winner, Brooklyn smart fabric startup The Crated, but there’s no word on exactly what kind of garments the duo is stitching up. All we know for now is that The Crated has the chance to develop a ‘heated garment prototype’ with the retail giant’s Design team.

Topshop bPay Luxe wearable

Topshop has already made a foray into wearable tech with its contactless bPay trinkets

Top Pitch was a wearable tech competition Topshop launched at the end of April, promising four teams of wearable tech makers the chance to attend a smart clothes making Bootcamp at Topshop and pitch their ideas to Arcadia boss Sir Philip Green.

At the moment, we’re not actually sure whether the smart clothes will actually hit the shops or not. We’ve already had a hint of what Topshop is capable of when it comes to styling up tech with its line of bPay trinkets. Could we be about to see contactless jackets, perhaps? Jeans that text? Shoes that heat up your chilly feet? This is too much food for our imaginations.

We’ll be sure to fill you in when we know more.

Story via: Wareable