Are these the first smart clothes to offer more than fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring? No... no... they thankfully aren't

Update: Yes, we – as in those fine folks at – and ourselves – fooled you. Sorry about that. But why?

Three reasons:

1) It’s April 1st and what the world really needs on this day, is another website doing an April Fool’s gag. We can all agree on that.

2) It’s our launch day. Hurrah for us! You may have seen Live-Smart evolve over the last few months as we’ve found our feet. Today is the day we come out of beta and make our way in the world. And have the kind of sense of humour we like in a white goods retailer, and were kind enough to want to get involved with supporting our launch, so thanks to them for that – it’s much appreciated.

3) But why connected underwear? It’s a suitably ridiculous idea, but no more ridiculous than some of the real-life products and Kickstarter proposals we’ve seen around connected tech and the Internet of Things. We’re here to cut through all that and bring you tech that really will make a difference to your life and living. Wish us luck and we hope you’ll come with us on that journey.


Smart control is the hottest area of the smart home, especially after the Amazon Echo’s success, but you still need to be in range of the Echo so Alexa can hear your instructional grunts. And given the Echo is only available in the US, and we’re in the UK, that’s a long way.

These new underpants from Y-Fi, exclusively stocked by the UK’s leading online electricals retailer, aim to replace voice control with motion detection.

For example, instead of talking into an Echo-type box, by combining whole body gestures and wearable technology, Y-Fi enables you to manage your smart home from something nobody ever forgets to wear.

Motion detection and control

From a preset menu of hip flicks, wiggles and thrusts, the underpants offer a range of environment controls, from controlling mood lighting to remotely changing your TV channel.

Amongst a range of other innovations, they enable contactless payment with a hip bump, and also sync seamlessly with Android or iOS devices so the wearer can build up data about daily activities, and compare themselves to other committed Y-Fi wearers.

With a 48 hour battery life and in-built hygiene alarm, the manufacturer claims this is the first smart clothing that offers benefits beyond traditional heart monitoring and fitness tracking.

We’ve partnered with to offer three packs of pants for the price of two, exclusively for Live-Smart readers – just click here to find out more on’s product page.

  • VO2Maximus

    I was an early adopter of these, but I found them troublesome: on a blind date last Sunday things were going well and we went back to mine for coffee…during foreplay the lights kept going on and off and the TV changed programme from 50 Shades of Grey on Blu-ray to Songs of Praise.

    And then during the main event I managed to buy a fridge off the internet, unwittingly post up pictures on Facebook, my pulse rate was indicated by a beeping sound (which put me right off my stroke) as well as the fact that the hygiene alarm went off several times.

    I sent mine back for a refund and I would warn anyone else against buying them!