It's the perfect way to keep your cash and cards right under your nose 24/7.

Ever misplaced your wallet – or worse, lost it entirely? You and every other cash-carrying gent on the planet. But with Woolet, you don’t have live in constant fear that you’ll do it again.

A slim, leather affair that looks and feels no different to any other high-end wallet, Woolet is a sensor-packed smart wallet that connects with your smartphone for complete surveillance over your cash, cards and valuables.

You can see how close your are to Woolet at any time of day in the app on your phone, with a proximity indicator that has an accuracy to 0.4 metres. If you still can’t find it when you’ve follow the app’s guidance – say, for instance – it’s hiding under a pile of washing – you can ring Woolet directly from the app to hone in on it more closely.

WooletWoolet will also cry out if you leave it behind in a public place, automatically kicking into action if it detects that your phone has disappeared out of Bluetooth range. If you don’t hear it calling, you can always use the app to check Woolet’s last know location – or failing that, let the crowd GPS feature use other Woolet users’ whereabouts to locate your lost Woolet.

Just in case Woolet does happen to fall into the wrong hands, there’s even a secret compartment for storing top secret valuables out of sight from anyone who might be inclined to open the wallet for a rummage.

Woolet is available in a range of colours, and even comes with smart self-charging tech so you never have to worry about it failing you when you need it the most. You can buy it now for $119 (£81).