This stylish little mood tracker wants to win your heart as well as your mind.

London-based maker of smart and beautiful wearables, Vinaya, has just given backers of its mood-tracking bracelet Zenta one more reason to love it. Available now on Indiegogo, a limited edition Zenta comes with an injection of Swarovski crystals. This is definitely one for the serial bling-seekers among us.

The Swarovski Zenta is available in black or white, and currently up for grabs at £157. You can still get your hands on one even if you’ve already jumped in line for Zenta by selecting Upgrade to Higher Priced Perk when you’re logged in to Indiegogo.

Or, if you happen to be really, really persuasive, you can get a completely free upgrade by referring three friends to buy Zenta

Zenta WristbandIn case you need a memory refresh, Zenta can read your biosensors to determine how you’re feeling. By monitoring variables in your heart rate, respiration, sweat, physical activity, and other markers of emotional stress, Zenta reckons it can determine your overall mood to see if you’re happy, stressed, anxious, and so on. Not a mind-reader, per se – but pretty close.

Zenta will beam all of those stats to an app on your phone in real-time to let you log and track all of your ups and downs. The app organises your data in an easy-to-understand format to let you easily discover stress-inducing triggers and track how your emotions change according to your daily life.

ZentaWhen you’re not scrutinising your moods in the app, Zenta is peppering your day with handy notifications and wrist-based buzzing to remind you to breathe and take a moment when it senses you’re on the cusp of getting stressed or sad. You can customise these notifications in the app if you need less or more, or just if you don’t want Zenta to pick up on certain biometric factors.

You can jump in line for the original Zenta, sans Swarovski crystals, for $149 (£114). All Zenta models are set to begin shipping in March 2017.