Ditch earbuds and go incognito with these smart bone conduction sunglasses.

When you’re sweating it out in 34˚ heat, even putting in a pair of earbuds can feel like one sweat-inducing garment too many. But with these awesome Zungle bone conduction sunglasses, you can finally feel the music without having to stuff anything silicone in your ears.

And when we say feel the music, we mean that literally. Zungle’s clever technology actually vibrates your music through your skull. In the words of their eponymous maker, Zungle, they let you physically “wear the beats” without even needing earbuds or wires. What’s more, nobody else can hear your tune but you.

The obvious benefit of not having earbuds blocking your lugholes is that you can still hear ambient sounds. Car horns, traffic sounds and people talking will still be audible, which is much safer than losing yourself in a cocoon of sound. You’ll still be able to have conversations with people too, meaning you don’t have to pop out your earbud every time you go to pay in a shop or bump into a friend.

As well as playing you a bone-tingling tune, Zungle are also equipped with Bluetooth and a mic for hands-free calls form your phone. There’s noise-cancelling tech to cut through the background noise too.

The sunglasses are primed for around 4 hours of music play on just 1 hour’s charge, and the USB port for juicing up is nicely hidden from sight. Zungle are waterproof, and their lenses replaceable, which should allay any fears you might have of wrecking the whole shebang by accidentally scraping one of the lenses.

The best news? Zungle aren’t going to empty out your wallet. They’re currently raking in funding over on Kickstarter, where the current early bird price sits at just $109 (£74). They will eventually retail for $150 ( £102). A release date is set for November this year.